BioShell examplesΒΆ

There are three groups of examples for BioShell library: ap_* which are functional applications and are helpful for every user, ex_* show how to use a particular BioShell class or function in your own C++ program. Finally Python scripts (*.py files) show how to solve bioinformatics problems using PyBioShell. You can automatically run these test on your local machine. Use


in your bioshell/doc_examples/cc-examples directory to run ap_* and ex_* or in bioshell/doc_examples/py-examples directory to run *.py scripts. You will find test_results.html in either cc-examples or py-examples directory, which you can open with your web browser to see the test results summary.

Overall there is more than 200 examples than can be accessed by the index pages below:

Alphabethical list of all BioShell examples grouped by ap_* ex_* and *.py category.

BioShell ap_* examples grouped by their functionality.

BioShell examples comming from all the three ap_* ex_* and *.py categories sorted by keywords. Typically an example has more than one keyword assigned and thus appears more than once on the list.